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The Subs online official merchandiser, MAINSTAGE MERCH, have a number of U.K. Subs t-shirts in their SALE at the moment for just £8.99.
Postage in the UK is free and goes first class post in the next post every time.
A percentage of each sale also goes to the Subs.

UK Subs – 'Diamond' – Mens T-shirt – £8.99
UK Subs – 'Diamond' – Ladies T-shirt – £8.99
UK Subs – 'Born A Rocker' – Mens T-shirt – £8.99
UK Subs – 'Born A Rocker' – Ladies T-shirt – £8.99
UK Subs – 'Harper 70' – Black & Red T-shirt – £8.99
UK Subs – 'Black Flag' – Black & White Men's T-shirt – £8.99

There are also other items of Subs merch available, such as hoodies, tote bags, beanie hats, CDs, shoulder bags, flat caps and harrington jackets.

View all the items, including the SALE t-shirts at:

uk subs

Merchandise from bands on the punk and oi! scene

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