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Alvin Gibbs was recently interviewed at the U.K. Subs' 100 Club show by Armitage Smith regarding his forthcoming album 'Your Disobedient Servant' on Time & Matter Records. You can hear the interview, along with a handful of exclusive tracks played from the album on Armitage's ever-brilliant Paranoid Squirrel show, now available via podcast.

The episode is now available to listen to – streamed or downloaded – at:…/

The Paranoid Squirrel Rock Show
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The Paranoid Squirrel ep 668

Finally, after a 4 month wait, I got to sit down with Alvin Gibbs bassist with the UK Subs and at one time Iggy Pop and Cheap & Nasty. Along with pertinent questions regarding Alvin’s solo album “Your Disobedient Servant” and Croydon (sic) I air some …

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