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Ahead of his brilliant debut solo single and LP being released on Time & Matter Records, Alvin has given a fantastic interview to the brand new website RPM online, which has been set up by Dom Daley, one of the fabulous writers who contributed to the Uber Rock website.

You can read all about Alvin's solo projects plus much more about Alvin and the U.K. Subs besides…

"…it’s been liberating in a way as I’ve not been worried about writing in a certain way or style. You’re writing for yourself you know so I’m not tailoring it for the U.K. Subs. It enables me to write songs I wouldn’t bring to the Subs so yeah it’s allowed me to have a diverse range which I hope people will like. There’s a dark almost Nick Cave style song and some that would be the opposite side of the spectrum more in a style like the New York Dolls. So yeah it’s been a great process and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s a lot of hard work…"

Read the full interview at:

Alvin Gibbs Interview – RPM Online