Title : Ziezo
Release Date : 02/05/2016
Catalog ref. : UKS-001
Format : Vinyl

The 26th and final official UK Subs album was released for preorder via the online music platform Pledge, following a 4 month campaign to promote a host of exclusive items. These included a tricolour version of the vinyl and special colour variations of some of the merchandise. The album was launched on Monday May 2nd 2016 at the Queen’s Hall, Nuneaton, at the official album launch party, which saw the UK Subs perform 3 special sets – an acoustic set with Charlie Harper and Jamie Oliver on guitar, a selection of songs from Ziezo and the previous 3 albums (Work In Progress, XXIV and Yellow Leader) and an extended set of classics which included rare tracks from the early days.

Ziezo was released as the UK Subs first ever self release, giving the band the freedom to write, record and manufacture the record exactly as they wanted it. The promotional campaign had fans of the band directly involved in the process, with some even getting to join the band in the studio to observe how they work in that particular environment. To document the process, Alvin Gibbs wrote a minibook entitled ‘Ziezo: an eyewitness account of the making of the final album by the punk collective known as the UK Subs’, of which just 300 copies were printed. In the book, Alvin describes in detail the trials and tribulations of working with his fellow band mates and talks about the mutually exciting prospect of having fans join the band in the studio, as well as including some choice anecdotes from his time with UK Subs.

The album was recorded at Perry Vale Studios in Forest Hill, South London and was recorded and produced by none other than former Vibrator Pat Collier. The recording spanned a number of weeks as the band were touring at the same time so their schedule went something like 4 shows, 3 days in the studio, 3 shows, 4 days in the studio, 5 shows, 3 days in the studio and 2 shows to finish the tour. The finished album was then sent to Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory for mastering before being sent off for pressing.

The track listing for Ziezo is:

01) Polarisation
02) Oligarchy
03) I’ve Got a Gun
04) Evil Vs Evil
05) Proto Feminist
06) Disclosure
07) Rise
08) World War III
09) Dope Fiend
10) I Don’t Care
11) Master Race
12) Banksy
13) This Machine
14) City of the Dead
15) Maid of Orleans
16) Zeitgeist

The artwork was designed by Stuart Glanville at No Rules Merch and was very much a homage to the band’s debut album ‘Aother Kind Of Blues’. The concept, suggested by Alvin Gibbs, was to bookend the collection of A-Z titles – the alpha and omega, the first and the last, the beginning and end (Revelation 22:13) The UK Subs for many years have subverted elements of religious theology in order to create a sense of irony. This concept suited the band’s needs perfectly.

Ziezo is now available on CD and black wax vinyl. Check the store for more info.